September 1, 2010

Pethaubychain – celebrating the Welsh language online

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My thoughts re. the Welsh language online. The blog in Welsh I read on a regular basis – and one I like is the Metastwnsh one.

I have read the Kyffin blog which was quite interesting but they never comment to your own thoughts / comments so I stopped reading that blog for good after ten posts or so. You want feedback!

The NLW blog is rather boring; I had read the posts in June and July, a few entries in August.
I do not read a good Welsh-language blog these days. Can anyone recommend one to me maybe? (not Dogfael, please!!) There is no Welsh blog re. llenyddiaeth / literature really apart from news from publishers on their websites.

I follow @nwdls and @dyddgu on Twitter in Welsh to name only two. @dyddgu sometimes tweets in Welsh and even in German.

I like some Welsh-language videos on YouTube and the work of Carl Morris re. Welsh online. Da iawn!

I use S4C/Clic but it is not available abroad; not yet – or never will be, I do not know?

I never read the BBC news sites in Welsh, nor does golwg360 interest me very much.

I like listening to Radio Cymru online in Wales or anywhere in the world.

There are good photos and comments in Welsh on Flickr.

There are good Facebook sites re. Welsh-language content.

Many Welsh artists are not on Spotify – I think that is a shame because people outside Wales would get to know those groups or singers. I listen to Welsh music on Last FM or on Blip FM.

Wikipedia entries in Welsh? I used to check but they are very incomplete – and if I write something it often gets deleted.


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