I grew up in the middle of Germany. The fall of the Berlin wall was one of my most memorable experiences 20 years ago because I lived close to the border in the west. I come from the cherry area around Witzenhausen / lovely cherry-blossom in the spring! „We perceive what we want to perceive“ – it depends which pair of glasses we are wearing, as the German saying goes! I love colourful cupcakes, latte macchiato (medium) with spoon-firm froth, bara-brith, lamb in Wales with mint sauce and good quality tea (Sahnetee). I search the web and raise money for charity with Everyclick.com. I am only starting. So I will be interested to see what happens. I love web 2.0 and my iPodtouch with good podcasts like audiobooks. I will do fundraising for other institutions soon! I think everyclick is a great idea. I believe in skills: you cannot have studied history really – and then work in marketing or so. In Germany, I was taught good quality work and education was too a high standard. I am interested in – and have studied psychology and neurolinguistic programming (discover your own potential!). I should really support spinal associations or prolapsed-disc groups. I do a little bit of it. It is always lack of time and money which stops me from doing more. I support Nordic-Walking and Mountain-Walking in Wales. I set up a good exhibition in my favourite Library, the SUB in Göttingen: http://www.sub.uni-goettingen.de/archiv/ausstell/2008/wales.html. I belonged to the German Society when I lived in Cardiff. I love Cardiff, London, Glastonbury – languages, cultures. I love the sun! I never mean to do any harm. People cannot take criticism sometimes – but it is their problem. I have experienced this in Wales. Trust is important – the chemistry has to be good and relentless honesty is important. I need – like every person – someone who tells me that some of my ideas is rubbish. I appreciate it – better than agreeing all the time – this has nothing to do with being rude (guerrilla marketing principal also). Achievement means a lot to me – but not getting stressed. I never got certain jobs b’cause I am no „arse-licker“; a word and meaning I learnt in Wales. I have been into blogs for a while now, bookmarking / tagging, brand monitoring (MINI), content aggregation, crowdsourcing / voting (Starbucks), discussion boards and forums, vents and meetups, microblogging, video, photosharing, podcasting, presentation sharing, PR, ratings and reviews (Qype). I work to get sponsorship. Combining culture with IT – this is my interest. I belive just IT is nothing, it is just technology – you still want to read the classics and books that are kept in the libraries. If you don’t – I do. I like the art of giving and helping! About me – in one sentence: Very happy!


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